Personal Evolution and Intention Labs

Intention Lessons: Life’s Laboratory of Personal Evolution

  • Why are we here?
  • What is our highest purpose?
  • How do we live an actualized life?
  • What is our existence all about?
  • How do you measure your success in living a fulfilled life?
  • How does our intention impact the micro and macro thoughts and actions that form us?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Personal Evolution and it’s pursuit is one of the highest forms of being human.
  • We all can apply discipline to our chosen paths. Committing with our decisions to move towards our best selves. Holding attention to creating our envisioned ideal future self in the here and now.
  • It is through the practice of perfecting who we are that we can stand at deaths door and feel closer to completeness in who we are and how we chose to experience our lives on earth.

Each person has the ability to define for themselves what is their metric and definition for a fulfilled and successful life. What ever the definition, the ability to craft your personal growth is bounded by your intention. Even if it is your intention to have no intention!!  The use and growth and art of intention is a tool that can be revised and refined. The laboratory of life is where we are afforded the opportunity to experiment with how we choose our own forms of personal growth. I consider this one of the highest callings in life. I would grant that we each are allowed our own definition of what ‘evolution’ means.  For some, they will turn to spiritual or religious teachings, for others they will be influenced by community or other aspirations.

But what ever that definition, I believe that both the view back over our life, and the view forward into death is aided by the knowledge we have worked hard at becoming the best human being we could be.  The sincere belief that we put forth that effort affords us the self respect to feel full in a life lived complete.   Personal evolution is a key focus here at Intention Labs.

Our personal evolution is what defines whether we look back at our life with satisfaction and look forward to our path to death with comfort in being prepared the best we can for this journey we call life.

Whether you believe there is a brick wall beyond deaths curtain or a new set of experiences, true satisfaction comes with knowing you have evolved in your chosen ways as much as humanly possible during the time you have been alive here on earth.  Here at Intention Labs we are focused on how each individual can use their power of intention to craft a more evolved experience in the laboratory of life.

Intention Lessons: Personal Pillars and the BASICs
This discussion is about many things, but the art and practice of personal evolution is at its core.  In these pages I hope to share my thoughts, practices and lessons about personal evolution.  Areas of great interest include the personal evolution of the four aspects of self:  the classic self structure areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.   These “Personal Pillars”,  as well as the many values and practices that they each contain, are fundamental to my own personal evolution.   The discussion of these Personal Pillars also includes what I call the BASICs, values and practices that are included in each of the pillars:  balance, awareness, synchronicity, integrity, and clarity.
You can learn more on this balanced form of growth through Personal Pillars and the BASICs here. <link to PP and BASICs>
Within the mental pillar is the value of Intention.  This discussion is centered around intention and its role in intuition and manifestation.  
Intention Lessons: Intuition
How wonderful to have good vision, to see the present clearly without distortions allows one to live a fuller, truer and more complete life. Seeing what “is” shortens the journey to an evolved self as you can more easily navigate the complexities of life to get where you want to go.  
Having a good intuition is form of good vision.  Intuition offers the ability to cut through the ‘noise’ and get direct to what is important to you.  Intuition is really just a heightened form of listening.  
In the physical realm one listens with the ears, sees with the eyes and touches with our skin.  We can feel the vibrations of a coming train sometimes before we can see or hear it.  But what about the gut feelings when you first meet someone, or the feeling you get when someone is staring at you from across the room.  What are those sensations?  
If you can grant the existence of gut feelings, what other ways of listening are there beyond the gut feeling or the ability to feel someone looking at the back of your head?   What does it take to learn of these additional senses and once acknowledged can we enhance them? First lets take a look at some of the more common ways that we can listen to our interpretation of our world.  Taking it a step further lets look at how these various ‘voices’ can aid our current and potential future understanding.  We will call these voices the “Paths of Intuition”. 
Intention Lessons: The Paths of Intuition
There are many forms of getting messages about life:  ideas you have based on study or research, your own inner voice, your dreams, interpretations of symbols in your waking day, words mentioned to you or over heard, synchronistic events that speak to you.   These and many others are ways that one can see the environment. 
Think of each of these as a path that you have to see or listen to what is around you.  These could be visions into your past, present or future.  Part of the art of intuition is to delineate the many forms of messaging available to you.  Think of each of these as a different path you can use to see and listen into your world.  
Here is a list of some of the possible paths of intuition. You may use some or all of these or have others not listed.  If some of what is mentioned seems outside of your comfort zone, not problem, it is not for you right now, in fact may never be.   Use this as a suggestion list.  Intuition is an art of listening, and there are many voices available.
Ideas and thoughtsGut feelingsBrain StormingMastermindingPhrases or Symbolisms in your lifeFrequency, synchronicity and Micro/MacroSpontaneous Holographic”Knowing”Freeform WritingMeditation and PrayerDay DreamsSleep Dreams
We all have many of these paths available and the more you understand each the farther you can hear and see yourself and the world around you.  Think of each path having various levels of fog on them.  The practice of pushing back that fog increases your ability to see clearly.  The farther back you can see on each path, the greater is your mastery of the art of intuition.  
Each path has it’s own way of speaking to us and it is our choice to push the fog back to make it more useful to us or to allow the fog to settle and perhaps completely hide that the intuitive voice exists at all.
Not all paths are created equal for each person and some come with the distortions of your ego, others may be filled with scars of past emotional experiences.  Part of the practice of clearing the fog on the paths of intuition requires the discernment of what is clear and what is distorted.  <see section on clearing, discernment and cleaning of intuitive messages>
It is also true that not all messages are of equal importance.  The volume of potential messages to hear, does not allow for you to pay attention to all with the same importance.  So part of the identification of the various intuitive paths, it to learn which ones offer the most important messages for you.  
I suggest keeping a list of the various intuitive paths you have access to.  Keep track of which work and if there are some that you suspect may exist and are worthy of greater attention.  The art of intuition like any art is enhanced with practice, and sometimes your greatest work is born of new mediums and techniques that you learned along the way.
Intention Lessons: The Paths of Intuition: Thoughts and Ideas
So you get this great thought, where did it come from?  What actions allowed you to manifest that thought?   Understanding what enhances good ideas is a step towards increasing your intuition.  After all the birthing of an idea is often the first step in defining the future.
There are many practices that are put to use for creative ideas:Studying others, Listening to others, Listening to yourself talk, Allowing your mind to be quiet enough that you can hear it.
From an intuitive perspective, There are practices that can enable your mind to be freed for greater expression.  The ability to have a great idea or thought is like a muscle, the more you do it, the more you can do of it.  Allowing your mind the freedom to express itself through thoughts, ideas, concepts is a great gift of expression and can unleash enhanced intuitive ability.

Try to experiment with this like a scientist in a lab. Watch for what exercises and practices strengthen you over time. Hold your intention as a light to guide your understanding of your personal evolution.