Laboratory of Intention

Here at Intention Labs we are focused on the understanding and application of intention. Intention plays a crucial role in how we manage the creation of our lives. Intention can play a critical role in accomplishment. It is through intention that we self correct our thoughts, speech and actions. These intention affords us adjustments that can significantly enhance our life experience. It is through our thoughts, expression and actions that we can bring our behavior and deeds in alignment with our intentions.

Intention: Experience + Experiment

Our life journey is a collection of experiences. The way we design those experiences is a by-product of our intention. Our personal evolution and our life experience are impacted by our willingness to experiment. Experience + Experiment = A Life Well Lived. Consider life a mixture of a Broadway play experiences and a series of laboratory experiments. This connection of experience and experiment affords us the creative delight and discovery of the writer, director, actor as well as the joy of investigation, innovation and discovery of the scientist and self educator. Life is both a stage and a laboratory: intention in the lab of life is a powerful tool to creating a life well lived.

Your Intentions – Your Life

Consider your own role in manifesting your ideal life. How do you move from your thoughts to actions to creating the character traits that you carry into each moment of your experience here on earth.

  • Are you the master of your experience?
  • Have you mastered your journey?
  • Are you mastering your ultimate destiny?

Can you reflect on your past experiences and see how your attention to your intention has impacted your ideal experiences and ideal form of being? Attention to your intention is a critical discipline that shapes your very beingness.

Intention Labs Structure

Intention Labs offers structure to help you evolve yourself into your future self now. Through the architecture and design of your vision to the daily creation of your actions to the moment by moment prioritization of your thoughts. Intention Labs offers a process for the identification, actualization and evolution of your ideal life.

There are many forms and definitions of intention. If you are interested in the nuanced forms of intention and the language surrounding the term, you might consider viewing intention from the eyes of a philosopher, poet, psychologist, neuroscientist or etymologist.

Attention + Intention + Action = Manifestation

Live the life of your dreams.